Today's Update Humpday marks the upcoming revision v4.5 of UGN Security... We recently discovered some not so secure holes in some 3rd party scripted sections of the site which we spent the last several days cleaning up (and introducing my new sanatization function which is nicely filtering all input on any form on the site).

I've also taken this time to work back a lot of the table work that was introduced in our last big overhaul... A lot of this work wasn't needed before as it can be done with div's and span's so I've taken the liberty of making step one away from tables... Though until I can get my anal retentiveness around a well functioning 3 column div that runs purely on CSS and plays nicely with min-height we'll be a little ways from there for the time being wink...

I have also taken the time to introduce a newly renovated File Sharing section; it's now far easier to maintain so it'll be updated with newer torrent trackers more often. I've taken the time to add a good 8 more over our old set, as well as disable the ones which weren't working properly. One thing to watch out for however, Demonoid for some reason doesn't respond to "ping's" so it'll always show "offline".

A lot of work went in to all of this weeks changes, so I hope you all enjoy... I still have some final touches to add before I actually go in and comment the site changelog about all of the page updates, but I'll get that out of the way tonight...

My planned changes for next Humpday include (at least) migrating our current CAPCHA implementation from FreeCap to ReCapcha; you can read about ReCapcha here.

Please note that I also plan to write up a quick "how to" about how to block bot's with ReCapcha as a simple project for those who've used other solutions in the past.

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