Not too long ago I wrote up a review here about the decent services from (URLs: Forum). Here, we're going to go into maximizing your earnings (getting more points, qualifying for more offers, and getting credit for more offers).

Firstly, I recommend that you use Firefox with the Google Toolbar, FiZiX's PointGAINER, and Fireform plugins installed. The Google Toolbar and Fireform will allow you to fill the address information faster, and FiZiX's PointGAINER will allow you to automate the "click through" process.

I recommend you use fake information in the autofill, just use a trashmail account for your email and let it go on its merry way...

Now, how do you make points for items you may ask? Well, you HAVE to fill out offers, and you MUST make the address you use for these offers look like a real one... NEVER buy anything, just click through (or better yet, let FiZiX's plugin do it).

You can probably do a good 40-80 offers in a week, not bad since it'll equate $20-40...

Be sure you:
1. Click through each offer to the end.
2. When you get to an end and it wants you to fill out sponsor offers, just fill out X amount; if they request payment, close them and move on. Most will tell you what they want; myself I just open the ad then close them and still get the points (these are the offers IN the offers).
3. Be patient, it can take several days to get credit!

Now, when you request a cashout of your credits in the form of a "gift" it can take up to 2 weeks, so you'll need to be a little patient; by following what I do (as defined above) you'll be easily on your way!

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