Title: Norton AntiSpam
Version: 2004
Author: Symantic
URL: http://www.norton.com/

Rating: 2/5
Ok, I managed to get my hands on a copy this morning, and I wasn't too impressed. The only upside to this product is that it easily integrates into Outlook or Outlook Express. There are many MANY downsides however...

1. Uninstall requires Outlook Install Disk, which if you're like me, you don't keep disks laying around, their in a spindol somewhere, out there...
2. WILL NOT FUNCTION with other antispam software. I use ChoiceMail One for my spam tracing, having outlook minimised to where it connects just kinda got me peeved. I don't even know how it did it but after install I couldn't connect to my pop server that choicemail created.

All this program does is add's some keyword filtering to outlook, definatly not worth the $39.95 their asking. In my opinion, go with ChoiceMail, at least it works.

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