Well, I never thought that the aged old Intel vs AMD debate would crawl over to video editing products... That is, until today...

I went to install Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 on my AMD Athlon XP 3200 (barton core) machine; if you've ever fiddled with this model of AMD processor you'd realize how impossible it is to locate...

Well, it turns out that, even though it's been in P4's since inception, the AMD Athlon processors prior to the 64bit architecture don't have the SSE2 Instruction Set that Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 requires for the video display...

So what does this mean? Well, simply put, you can't install, let alone use, Adobe Premier 2.0 on a machine which does not support SSE2 which includes MOST amd processors...

So what should you do to use one of the best video editing software titles available? Well, if you have the money to blow on a new system, go for it... Otherwise, go with Adobe Premier Pro 1.5 (Adobe Premier 7.0 compatible).

CPU's which support SSE2:
  • AMD K8-based CPUs (Athlon 64, Sempron, Turion 64, etc)
  • Intel NetBurst-based CPUs (Pentium 4, Xeon, Celeron, etc)
  • Intel Pentium M and Celeron M
  • Intel Core-based CPUs (Core Duo, Core Solo, etc)
  • Intel Core 2-based CPUs (Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, etc)
  • Transmeta Efficeon
  • Via C7

Supporting Data:
WikiPedia entry on SSE2 supported processors
AMD Forums thread discussing SSE2 in Athlon products

Ending note:
It's sad that my 6 year old laptop (P4M) can run what my 2 year old desktop cannot; and it cost half the price :x... But Adobe Premier Pro 1.5 does everything I need it to do wink...

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