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#4366 - 06/24/02 08:51 AM Smart Card doc found on Kazaa  
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Joined: Apr 2002
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Here is a lil document i found on Kazaa the other day.... it might interest you if you want to learn how to program them.

The Programming Guide for Dummies
Current as of 01 Oct 2000

By jaywoo

Overview: This is intended to help all of you with programming and cleaning your cards using both a programmer and an unlooper. For those that are just starting out, it is highly recommended that you start out with a programmer and don’t mess with your unlooper until you get the hang of the programmer. All of the software that you will need can be found at
I will try to write this in a step-by step format. This really is not meant as a troubleshooting guide. Maybe someone with a LOT of experience will write us one of those.

My Disclaimer: I am certainly by no means a professional programmer, just someone that has been tinkering around with this for a while and visits the message boards occasionally. My wife calls me a nerd, but I know she means it in a good sort of way (?). I haven’t seen a step-by-step guide on this anywhere else, and thought it might help out a few of you that are just starting out. After you learn this stuff, you’ll quickly trash this guide (and probably write a better one). Play around with the programmer and see how it works. Also, download other newbie guides and read them as well. Check out all the FAQ’s that you can. The message board at is infinitely helpful, just please read all of the other posts there before posting a question. It may already have been answered. There are a lot of knowledgeable people there that are willing to help out.

Part 1: Cleaning and programming with a programmer.

1. You will need to download the following software:
a. Winexplorer 4.4 (
b. Basic H 2.9 (
c. Sct10en.exe (puts a communication protocol on your pc)
d. Dcom95 or Dcom98 (depending on your operating system)
e., (current as of 10/01/00, but it’s sure to change) or [email protected] Either will work, it just depends on wether you want to run a stealth script, or a self-updating script.

2. Setting up your software:
a. Create a directory on your c drive titled “Dss Stuff” (you could name it whatever you want, but what the heck, make it easy).
b. Create a sub directory in Dss Stuff titled “winexplorer”. Unzip the file into this directory, and create a shortcut on your desktop for the winexplorer 4.4 program.
c. Create another subfolder in Dss Stuff titled “Basic H”, and unzip the file into this. Create another shortcut on your desktop for this program.
d. Double click on the “Sct10en.exe” program. When it asks you if you are sure you want to install this, click yes. Winexplorer will not run without it.
e. Double click either dcom95 or dcom98 (depending on your operating system) and install this protocol.
f. Unzip the file into the Dss Stuff Directory.

3. What to do with it:
a. Ok, we have the software all set up. What to do now? Depends on what’s on your card. Let’s start with basic h 2.9.
b. First of all, hook up your programmer to your computer. Some programmers require a ps/2 port as well as a serial port. Set up your serial port as comm1.
c. Double click on the “basic h” icon that you put on your desktop.
d. Insert your card into the programmer and click on the camera button. This will read your card’s information.
e. Look at the USW line in the decimal column. As of 01 Oct 2000, it should be 44 (but again, that will change). Check around to see what is the most current update.
f. If you want to wipe out whatever is on the card (in other words, it’s not working now, so let’s start from scratch) we need to clean the card. Basic h 2.9 comes with all of the updates up to 35. In the future, I’m sure there will be a basic h3.0 and so on. For now, click on the “one step clean” button. The will clean the card of any old programming, and put 35 updates on it. It will also save your raw bin image so you can always go back to it if you need it (a lot of people would like to have this also, if it’s a good bin number). The number will look something like this: 0004645378_raw.bin. DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS. LET IT FINISH! The main problem with this is that if your card has a stealth script already on it, basic h might not be able to take it off. You will get an “E3 hole Failed to open” error message. In this case you have a couple of options. You can try to open the E3 hole by putting basic h in expert mode and open the hole with that, or you can remove the old script that is on it with the script itself. For this to work, you need to know which script is on the card. If you put it on, then it’s easy. If you didn’t, then it’s not so easy.
g. Close out the Basic h program and double click the winexplorer icon. Each script runs pretty much the same way, so click on the “Open script file” button. The “look in” directory needs to be “Dss Stuff”, so if it’s not already there, go there. Double click the script that you had previously put on. Then click on “run Script”. One of the options that will pop up is “remove script”. Select this. Once complete, jump down to step h below. Now, if you don’t know what script is on your card, maybe a friend or dealer put it on for you, then we need to figure out what is on there. If you have an unlooper also, I would say to jump down to the unlooper section and clean your card by following those directions. If you don’t have an unlooper, then it’s a matter of trial and error on which script it is. You will need to download a script at a time, and run it. Click on the remove option on each one, until it hopefully removes the script. This may be a very time consuming process. Another option is to send the card off to be cleaned by a professional.
h. Open up basic h again. Once again click on one step clean, and this time we are going to 35 updates (or whatever is most current). Again, Don’t interrupt this process. Once completed, your decimal USW should read 35. Time to close basic h again and re open winexplorer. Click on “open script”, and double click on the most current script found on rayzorspage (on 01 Oct 2000, it was SummitStealth16f). Click on “Run Script” and then click on “Install”. The script will then program your card with the latest and greatest wizardry that is out there. The only thing left to do is pop it in your receiver to see if it works. If not, your bin number may be dead. A dead bin will give you the dreaded “745” error message on your television. Consult the message boards, read the posts, then ask questions.

Part 2: Cleaning and programming with an Unlooper:

1. You will need to need to download the following software:
a. Wildthing! 4.1 (, my personal favorite)
b. Basic U 6 (
c. Prog.exe (A dos program that is just handy to have)
d. or [email protected]

2. Setting up your software:
a. Create a sub directory in Dss Stuff titled Wild, and then create three subdirectories in this called 1, 2, and 3.
b. Unzip the file into the wild directory. You will notice there are three separate programs. Move number wildthing1 in the number 1 folder, Wildthing2 in the number 2 folder and three into 3.
c. Open up the number one folder and double click the wildthing1 icon. This will install Wildthing 4.1 on your computer into the Program Files/WildThing! 4.1 folder.
d. Open up folder number 2 and double click the wildthing2 program. Run this program, and then do number three. At the end, it will ask you to restart your computer. Do this. Once restarted, create a shortcut on your desktop for this program. When you double click the icon, you may get an error message. If so, just go back into the number 1 folder and re-install the Wildthing!1 program.
e. Create another sub directory in Dss Stuff titled Basic U. Unzip the file in this. Create a shortcut on your desktop for this program.
f. Create another sub directory (tired of this yet?) in Dss Stuff titled Prog. Unzip the file in here. This can be used at a later date; I’m not going to cover it here. Play around with it if you happen to have a dead card.
g. Unzip the whatever is most current) into the C: Program Files/Wildthing! 4.1/Img directory.

3. What to do with it:
a. Now it gets easy. You will soon learn that stepping from a programmer to an unlooper is “like going from a 74 VW bug to a Ferrari” (I read that somewhere and it’s true). However, there are dangers too. You can wipe out a card and make it un-repairable if you aren’t careful. I won’t cover trouble shooting and fixing cards here. There are people out there (like RaYzOr) that are a lot better and more knowledgeable then I. So here we go:
b. We’ll start with cleaning a card. Open up the Basic u6 program, and insert your card into the unlooper (I assumed that you had the unlooper hooked up to the computer J).
c. Click on the camera icon, this will read the cards info. Next click on the magnifying glass. This will read the EPROM image. Click on the “save eprom file” button and give it a name. This is in case you really dump the card and need to go back to the beginning. Trust me, do this. By the way, this is the bin information that is so sought after. If you happen to program any friend’s cards, this is a definite must. If DAVE ever hits a bin, you will have more then one to revert to. Really, trust me on this. You won’t be sorry.
d. Next, click on “One step clean”. It will ask if you are sure, click yes. This will again save the raw bin onto your computer. If you have been messing with the programmer, you will see a HUGE difference in the amount of time it takes to do this. Plus, the unlooper does not care about opening up the E3 hole. It also doesn’t care if you had a stealth script on there or not. It will just wipe out anything. That’s where you need to be careful, though. Once complete, check the USW decimal reading, and it should be 33 (or whatever’s current at the time). Close out Basic U6 and remove the car from the unlooper.
e. Open up Wildthing! 4.1. You should immediately get the message “wildthing! 2 connected!”. Set your time zone to whatever is applicable. Click on “open Image”, and double click “ss16b44.img”. Directly below the “action” pull down menu, the “[email protected]” should be present.
f. Insert your card into the unlooper, and watch’er go! You will get the message “attempting to program card…”, then about 5 seconds later, it will be complete. If for some reason this doesn’t happen, you may have a bad or looped card. There are other guides out for troubleshooting this.
g. Go insert your card into the receiver and see if it works. About the only reason that it wouldn’t work is if your bin number is no longer valid (been hit by DAVE). The unlooper is really the thing to use. Honestly, I haven’t used my programmer since I learned the unlooper. Most people would say the same thing, but practice on the programmer and get the hang of that first.

Part 3: Cloning a Card with an Unlooper:

So, you have a card that’s getting the dreaded “745” error message. The good news is that you have a buddy that is paying for his service, and doesn’t mind you borrowing his card for a little while. There are several ways to clone a card. I’ll give you just one. I think this is the easiest:
1. Open up Basic U6, and insert his good card.
2. Click on the magnifying glass (read eprom image from card).
3. Click on “file”, then “save eprom file”. Name this something you can remember, like “Jim’s good Bin”. This doesn’t work if you friends name isn’t Jim, so make it something you can remember and is appropriate.J
4. Remove his card, and insert your card.
5. Click on the Lightning bolt (write eprom image to card). When it asks “are you sure”, click “yes”. This will make a perfect duplicate of your friend’s card.
6. Click on “One Step Clean”, and clean the card to 0 bytes diff.
7. You are now ready to add an image, like SummitStealth16b-44 or [email protected]

Some Definitions:
Script: It is an executable program that installs programming on your card with the use of winexplorer 4.4.
Image: This is also programming for your card, but requires an unlooper to place it on your card.
Stealth Script: Theoretically, D** cannot write to this on your card, which means that it is relatively safe. It will need to be updated by the user every time a change in the usw comes down in the data stream.
3M Script: This is self-updating, which means that when D** updates the data stream, the script will automatically take the update. You should never notice a difference, meaning that when there is an usw update, you won’t be one of the many panicking for the update. The downside? D** can also loop your card for you, if they so choose with an ecm. The upside? There hasn’t been a major ECM in nearly a year.

Summary: Read everything you can find to read. It is all helpful, and check out the message boards. VERY useful information. Here are a few web sites that you can check out:
There are certainly more out there, this is just a few that I have found pretty helpful. Lots of information on these sites. Good luck and happy programming!

2 people can keep a secret as long as one is dead
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#4367 - 06/24/02 08:56 AM Re: Smart Card doc found on Kazaa  
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All of the software that you will need can be found at
I found that the link dosent actually work so u might have to search for the software on your own time. If i find them i will share a link wink <img border="0" alt="[Thumb]" title="" src="graemlins/thumb.gif" />

2 people can keep a secret as long as one is dead
#4368 - 06/24/02 08:59 AM Re: Smart Card doc found on Kazaa  
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HOOLy crap. thats a lot, umm what are u quoting? :p

Ill let u know when ive read it, all ill do it part by part, hopefully ill find it useful

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#4369 - 06/24/02 11:09 AM Re: Smart Card doc found on Kazaa  
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umm actually works just fine.

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#4370 - 06/24/02 11:19 AM Re: Smart Card doc found on Kazaa  
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o really, it must be my computer but i was recieving an error message earlier trying to load the damn thing.

2 people can keep a secret as long as one is dead
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#4371 - 07/24/02 03:01 AM Re: Smart Card doc found on Kazaa  
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this info is very outdated
BasicH is now at 3.3
WinEx is now a 5.0
this was befor the bs ecm's last year.
also try
i am a mod there, always will to help

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