Well, it's been a slow week in regards to development; but it's been a very busy week in regards to the drawing board and back end development...

I am currently working out a template for both the Archive and Knowledge Base; they will no longer be a merged section when completed.

The Archive will host files, including a small local "mirror" of some of our favorite files and zines.

The Knowledge Base will actually be used for housing articles (a lot of which I've ended up creating this week, You can feel free to check them out on Back of the Web).

One item that I've been toying with is how to best display the initial "index" of files, and how to display categories within them (listing data out however will be quite simple as we've drawn those up before elsewhere in the network).

If you have any input on the changes you've seen lately, please let me know! It's the archived feedback from emails, vip lounge, and IRC that I'm looking at when making updates; so it's best to get your feedback or suggestions in asap!

Also, if you've got a topic that you'd like to see me cover, let me know and I'll draw up something for you... Your ideas may even make it into the launch of ./Hack (our "in alpha" video cast)!

I would also like to thank those of you who've donated their time and hard earned money, you've helped a lot more than what you'll ever know smile.

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